BOP with specklesLast year, when I first launched my blogs, my intention for Creativity Cookbook was to focus on “All Things Creative,” from spotlighting the creativity of others to things that inspire and encourage our own creativity. It almost goes without saying that feeling fit and having a balanced lifestyle is related to the quality of our creative output. In the effort to find a way to exercise aerobically which would fit into my lifestyle, I developed what I call “Basement Bops.” The method works so well for me, I figure it may work well for others, too. Being a combo of music and fitness (basically a freestyle Dancercise), this blog is the perfect place to share it 😎

Since Basement Bops extend well beyond the boundaries of one blog post, they reside, unto themselves, on the Navigation Bar :D. Arts&Crafts_WriterSideUp.com_byDonnaMarieOn the PLAYLISTS page you’ll find the list of links from which you can access each playlist. For me to link to each one individually, I must post each playlist as a separate blog post, so each day, beginning on July 16th, you will be receiving a playlist in your inbox. I’m alerting you now so you’re not wondering WHAT is going on 😕 since you’re not accustomed to receiving daily emails from me.

Also, since it could easily get lost in the stream of emails, on the 20th there will be an actual “creativity” blog post thrown in the mix. I hope you enjoy it. Comment approval will be delayed for two days (maybe more) until I’m at my computer again, but I hope I come back to some nice comments 🙂

So, if my Basement Bops appeal to you and you want to give it a shot, there will be (for the time being) 35 playlists to choose from. If the fitness aspect doesn’t interest you, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy listening to some or all of them as little “musical interludes” to spice up your day :mrgreen:

CreativityCkbk-NotebookSeeing as I feel GREAT that this project is finally done, I wanted to celebrate with a Giveaway, the prize being nothing less than a “Creativity Cookbook” Notebook! Due to its weight, I must limit this Giveaway to the continental U.S. Sorry about that, gang. Unfortunately, overseas postal rates are steep :/ . To enter the random drawing, simply comment here about what you think of my Basement Bops 🙂 If all goes well on my end, I should be announcing the winner by the end of next week. So, if you know anyone who might be interested in the Bops, Giveaway or blog—please spread the word!

Let’s get BOPPIN’! 😀

24 thoughts on “C.C. — BASEMENT BOPS are FINALLY HERE! With a GIVEAWAY to Celebrate! :D

  1. Surgery? Okay, I’m way too out of touch. I hope the surgery goes well. Love the idea of basement bops. I’ve recently been making up my own circuits to do in our yard for fitness – a little hula hoop, some jump rope and things like that. I might have to pump out one of your playlists next time I do it.


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  2. Uh ho! 😦 Looks like I am almost two months late. Does this mean there is no way I can win a notebook? Can I still enter? I won’t be so disappointed about missing this giveaway if I could at least enter). 😦 sniff, sniff

    Did you make your own coloring book? Is that what this notebook is? I’m sorry, I am a little tired and the brain is not on full-power. I started coloring adult coloring books a couple months ago, right before I moved. I love it. I started with a book of fancy cats (what else) and love mandalas (?sp.) even though I am not versed enough in art to understand exactly what they are (the book said it was full of mandalas — which I thought was an instrument).

    If you made your own coloring book, will it be for sale? I could “win “one that way! Well, congratulations to the winner (you lucky dog). Where there dogs in the notebook? Sorry, getting off-track. Boy, have I missed your sites.

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    • Sue, I’m sorry to say this particular giveaway is over, my dear : / But at some point I’ll be doing it again! I have a few left for each blog 🙂 It’s a lined notebook for writing whatever it is you want to write, so no, it’s not a coloring book I made. I never will! lol But I DID purchase a coloring book that is filled with mandalas. I THOUGHT I posted it on my “Joy of Coloring” blog post (https://2creativitycookbook.com/2015/07/20/c-c-the-joy-of-coloring/), but I’m not seeing it! Obviously I had to mention it somewhere or how else would you have known?! Is tiredness MY excuse, too?! lol

      Until you asked, I never really knew a mandala to be anything more than a round, decorative emblem. It’s all I see it as, regardless of what it actually is spiritually or symbolically (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandala). They’re pretty and contained rather than a full page in the coloring book. And now I need to formally post the book I bought, though I thought I already did! lol Sheesh!


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