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  Without Creativity, we are not fully human.

—:Donna Marie

I LOVE TO CREATE! To me it’s as innate and life-sustaining as breathing. I can’t imagine life without it! How dull. How empty. How stagnant. How lifeless! Just think about it—without creativity we wouldn’t even have the WHEEL!

I’m definitely someone who’s been blessed with an abundance of creative genes. I’ve been drawing, writing and making things of all kinds since I was a young child. Now, this does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that I can create anything. But I’m prolifically creative in my ways of creating. To be honest, there’s just no controlling it! o_O Creativity itself is an endless passion for me. That, combined with my insatiable curiosity, affords me a life in which I will never know boredom. It’s a word and state of being I have a difficult time comprehending. In my opinion, no one should ever be bored. There’s simply too much in this world that’s interesting and worth spending time on!

Life is a precious gift. Life = time. It is how we choose to spend time that determines our quality of life. I believe we should all, to the best of our ability, want to create a life that’s rich and full with as much health, joy and creativity as we can muster…

That being said, because I appreciate and want to encourage creativity of any kind, I want to celebrate it and champion it here on my blog. I want to create a space to gradually showcase the many kinds of creativity that exist and have existed throughout history, in the hopes that it will interest you, and maybe even serve as a springboard for more creativity in your life and mine. This is one way I choose to spend my time, which I think says a lot “about me.” 🙂




6 thoughts on “…ME — :Donna Marie

  1. It’s so lovely to meet you on your blog Donna Marie. You are blessed indeed to be so endowed with creativity genes. I agree with you that life is a gift and that life =time. Time is so short that we need to make the best use of it, and boredom is never an option. I too have never understood the meaning of the word and how it can ever exist.
    I look forward to seeing what creativity blossoms through your blog. 🙂

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