I can’t help but think of “Journey to Imagination,” one of my all-time favorite Disney attractions when I hear the word “imagination.” The first time I experienced that ride, back in 1983, and met The Dreamfinder and Figment, I was blown away, and was literally moved to tears. My emotion was a combination of being overwhelmed by the creativity and imagination of the Imagineers (as I am with pretty much everything they create), but by the content itself–it was all about IMAGINATION! After all, it IS imagination at the source of all creativity.

Content to come…






6 thoughts on “Journey to IMAGINATION

    • Paul, I think you know you can ask me just about anything and it makes me feel good that you take the time to ask! 🙂

      First—thank you for the compliment 🙂 It’s actually impossible to estimate how many hours went into both blogs, this one, of course, having a wider scope than the writing one (which is why I created it—for a broader possible audience). I have tried, and the closest I can come up with is probably the equivalent of a couple of months worth of effort. When I first “bit the bullet” and thought of a blog name for Writer Side UP! (two years ago, on Oct.16th), the first thing I did was the header art. Of course, there was the decisions over theme and all that, just as everyone must do, and there were many reasons I chose this one.

      Anyway, I would attack each of them in short spurts, getting bits and pieces done, plus all the reading I did on blogging and WordPress to get a better understanding. My final push was the few weeks before launch, but that also included research for an interview that had to be postponed, then more for another one which took its place. The artwork alone, for all the pages on both blogs, was done over the course of 3 days. Then, of course, writing the descriptions for each one. Let’s put it this way: it took a good amount of learning, planning and actual execution because my blogs are more like “websites” in my opinion, and I want them to hopefully serve as good sources of information and valuable discussion—including the jovial kind! 😀 Creativity is so much of who I am, so this is a natural extension of that, I think!

      Paul, I sincerely appreciate your interest. It really means a lot! And trust me—I don’t take it lightly or for granted. I consider it a gift 🙂

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      • Thanks for outlining the whole process, you sure have put a lot of work and research into everything and that shows in the professional look of your blogs.
        I agree that they are more like websites and thats great. I ask as I am genuinely interested. I cant recall seeing any other blogs that look quite like yours,(thats a good thing).
        I didnt even consider doing any research into blogging or into the WordPress platform and i found that just setting my blog up, was a massively time consuming process.

        Always a pleasure. Thanks 😊

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        • As is mine, Paul 🙂 The research on blogging was mostly about how to go about it to make it successful, and the WordPress stuff was because unless I know the lingo and functionality, I’ll waste more time and things are more difficult. I’m all about “easy” when I can help it, but MY idea of how I want a blog to appear is not from blogging advice, but my own preferences, nature and opinion on how I want things to look and function. That’s my combo of artist and organizer lol I’m also very practical!

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