We live in a time when entertainment is at our fingertips, whether we press a button on our car radio, search through the internet or flip through channels with our remote. But well before electricity and all that’s been invented in its wake, the act of storytelling and listening to music was experienced in “LIVE” venues.

The types of entertainment we have access to are wide and varied. The selections here at Creativity Cookbook will be appropriate according to this blog’s Decorum which will give us a wonderfully rich collection to dip into 🙂

Content to come…




6 thoughts on “THEATER

  1. Posted by Blog Andrew:

    Hi Donna, if I may call you Donna not knowing you, but I always read your comment’s on Paula’s blog and sense your values standards and outlook on life….just a little 🙂

    The point to my comment? (And lol you can always remove it) my point is I’d like to recommend a Movie to you :).

    I read your film comment on Paola’s Post 727 and totally agree, films are either too violent or mind- numbingly juvenile (mind you sometimes I’m in the mood for silliness) and I hate sex violence and swearing on Film on TV, I have youngsters in the family, on an evening we’ll get caught out and I would ban all three. Though you’ll have noticed Paola and I do have the same wicked sense of humour, but hey WP is a place for consenting adults to enjoy themselves, there’s a time and a place in life don’t you think.

    I have a Film recommendation one you might enjoy, I know problematic because film preference is intensely personal but if I said my favourite is ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ where I ALWAYS cry (uncontrollably lol) by the end you’ll gauge my err preferences and I abhor soap on TV, should also be banned!

    My movie recommendation is called ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’, a French family drama with no sex no violence only impeccable acting and a brilliant story twist so you mustn’t Google the ending………. it’s one of my favourites and made me cry though not a depressing film, intelligent and uplifting.

    I know film is a very personal experience, anyways I enjoyed thought you might to.


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    • Wow, Andrew—of COURSE I don’t mind! 😀 First of all, I’m totally a “first name” person. I don’t even like calling my doctors “Dr. So and So” lol So calling me “Donna” is preferred 😀

      And I have to tell you, I had no idea Kristin Scott Thomas acted in French films. This sounds wonderful 🙂 I’ll see if I can find it! Thanks, Andrew 🙂


      • 🙂 Good afternoon Donna, a criticism levelled at me throughout my life is “Andrew you think too much”, seriously more than once. So when I saw you’d removed (moved 🙂 ) my comment me being me I feared the worst I’d offended. That’s me all over, me commenting late at night when my mind is tired is a BIG mistake!

        I’ve followed your comments for must be 8 months or more so I should have known better, anyways never mind 🙂 I’m so pleased you liked my suggestion, I’m a film ‘addict’ who gets annoyed leaving a cinema having been misled, ‘the trailer promised so much yet the film was actually awful’. Movies are a very personal experience, but I have a hunch you’d at least enjoy.

        Best wishes Andrew

        (I’ve been a little late being busy, and I hardly look at mark1234coll.. simply because it’s purely for WP and the only name I could think of, silly name)

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        • Andrew, not to worry 🙂 And I did order the film through the library. I was moved toward the end and was curious throughout about what the truth was behind her prison sentence. I know I would’ve enjoyed it more if it had been in English, not French. I’m not one for subtitles. They are distracting and many times I struggle with who’s talking. It became even more apparent to me just how different foreign films are from those made in the U.S. It was also fascinating watching Kristin act using another language. But Brits typically learn how to speak French, right? Due to the proximity of the countries.

          P.S. I, too, can interpret certain actions from the “I did something wrong” perspective. You’re not alone!

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