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Creativity, like water, finds its way.

:Donna Marie 

When I first had the idea to put up a blog, it was because I had come up with a blog title and domain I really loved, being a writer: Writer Side UP!. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized my blogging endeavors couldn’t be limited to writing only. One idea led to another…and another…and here I am—with a blog about ALL types of Creativity in the MANY varied forms—NOT just limited to the Arts.

Since I believe EVERYone is creative on some level (yes, everyone), I’m hoping you find something within the pages of “Creativity Cookbook” to enjoy. 

I consider this blog a celebration and appreciation of all things creative. Much of what you will find here will be what I consider eclectic selections of resources and information worth noting. I will also include any helpful tips I’ve developed and knowledge I’ve gained through personal experience if I consider it valuable and worth sharing. Please be sure to click on each Page in the Navigation Bar to view each drop-down heading and subheading to find topic descriptions of value and interest to you.

Also, please note that under “Handy Misc.” is a virtual treasure trove of useful “stuff,” not directly linked to the subject of Creativity, but of course, as with all things, had to be created 🙂

Regardless of the emphasis placed on the common practice of posting every day, or at least several times per week, I will hold to no restrictive posting schedule. Though I would love to offer one focused post each week or so, life often doesn’t allow for such consistency, so I don’t plan to pressure myself unnecessarily, regardless of the many ideas for posts I may have. Such deadlines would ultimately force unworthy subject matter and/or subpar quality of writing and who has time to waste in that way, right?

I also do not want either of my “sister” blogs (yes, there are two) to become burdensome for you by adding to the overload of your already-inundated inboxes. Besides, if you’re like me, you also want to participate on other blogs, and even more importantly—allow for sufficient time spent off the internet. If you follow Creativity Cookbook, you will be notified by email each time a new post is published. As for “blips” of new content added to its pages between official posts, I will tweet about them, and also list a summary at the end of each new post to keep you abreast of new info that may interest you.

If moved to do so, Express Yourself in comments keeping in mind Blog Decorum. There is also the blog’s Disclaimer & Disclosure Statement for those of you who want or need to know more. PLEASE read it so you’ll know what to expect each time you visit this space. I sincerely look forward to our conversations! 🙂

Thanks for joining me on this Creative Journey!



6 thoughts on “…this BLOG

    • Me, too, Bella! In fact, I could swear we’ve interacted, maybe on someone else’s blog? I’m intrigued that you’re a trampoline coach! In fact, you might like my Basement Bops ’cause it’s fitness-related 🙂 The links are on the navigation bar if you want to check them out. They’re in the process of being posted for maybe the next few weeks, one per day 🙂


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