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My intention is for my sister blogsWriter Side UP! and “Creativity Cookbook” to be places where interested followers—of all ages—can come to engage in relaxed conversation on interesting topics, from “fun” to “intellectual,” in a considerate, respectful manner. With that said, both blogs are 100% G-rated. Whether in comments or my posts, all content and language must be appropriate for readers of any age. Should a child enter either site for the content posted specifically for them, there will be no need for parental concern should that child wish to navigate the other material on both blogs. Writer Side UP! and “Creativity Cookbook” are places of safety, peace and enjoyment, void of conflict, and offensive behavior and substance.

Graphic descriptions of a sexual or violent nature, vulgarity, and derogatory statements will not be tolerated. What is considered appropriate will be determined by me (this includes avatars). To enable that degree of control over content, I choose to moderate every comment before it posts. If ever you include a link, please be sure to state what it is for and to take care, as do I, to avoid those which lead to sites containing inappropriate content, including ads. Whenever questionable language or content is included within a comment, relative to the circumstance, I may either delete it or ask the commenter to rephrase. This is why I require commenters’ email addresses.

As with any form of social interaction, depending upon the type of discourse that arises, occasional disagreements are possible. Personal opinions are encouraged as long as they are expressed with common courtesy and respect. Due to the nature of online communication and its limitations, along with the diversity of personalities, it is necessary to state that there will be no allowance of disparaging or malicious remarks made toward individuals, groups or belief systems, regardless of subject matter. Be thoughtful before you click “Post Comment.” If you are doubtful about the appropriateness of your comment, chances are there’s reason to be, and it is best to lean on the side of caution. Whether on this blog or anywhere on the internet, it is wise for all of us to thoughtfully consider what we put out there.

Though comment threads can stray “off topic,” this is not a forum on which there will be in-depth discussion of politics, religion or any typically heated issues. Omission of comments or the blocking of followers will be at my discretion, should I deem it necessary. I sincerely hope I’m never forced to do so. I am a more conservative thinker, but it is still possible my judgment may not be in line with yours on specific subjects as to what is or isn’t appropriate. If you disagree with my action in any case, please feel free to contact me about it.

I highly doubt this blog and its followers would lend to this happening, but should tension arise, please keep persistent disputes private and separate from this blog site. It is important to note that by your willing participation on comment threads here, you agree that I, as blog owner, will not be held responsible for the words and actions of others should you, in your opinion, consider them inappropriate (Disclaimer and Disclosure). Please keep in mind that I am a moderator, not a judge, prosecutor or defense attorney, nor do I want to be; this is a blog, not a courtroom.

Thank you, in advance, for respecting the decorum set for this blog. It will make it more enjoyable for everyone and allow for greater diversity in participation!