From the simple act of tapping a toe to a catchy beat to mastering the skill of ballet, there’s an inescapable desire to move our bodies in rhythm or with precise intent to the beat of music. I know that, for me, dancing has always been a part of my life on some level. As a child, dance school was something I looked forward to every week, having learned tap, ballet, toe and jazz dancing. Then, in growing up, I free-styled to rock, jitter-bugged with friends in living rooms, boogied at discos, and swirled across dance floors at weddings. Now, in finding the best way for me to incorporate aerobic exercise into my life, I developed what I call my “Basement Bops” 🙂 I’m also a spectator, having enjoyed attending the ballet, and countless musicals, whether on Broadway or through movies, usually involving dance.

We will explore them all here!

Content to come…





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