C.C. — LAUNCH PARTY with GIVEAWAYS is right around the corner! SEPT. 2014!

Creativity Cookbook-Avatar-300dpiFOLLOW “CREATIVITY COOKBOOK”                          (and my sister blog WRITER SIDE UP!)!                                  IT WON’T BE LONG NOW 🙂


For those of you who choose to follow my blog before it’s officially online, please excuse me while I work my way into making it the best I can before I go “LIVE.” I’m getting the hang of WordPress and learning more about blogging, but am still working out content and my approach for posting. Once everything’s under control and my blogging weather is “good for launch,” “Creativity Cookbook’” will be UP and running! When that first post goes UP, you’ll be automatically notified if you’re already following. Looking forward to having you here 🙂

Thank you!


     BOOKMARKS                             NOTEPADS & MOUSE PADS

(offered on both blogs)           at Writer Side Up:            Creativity Cookbook:   Bookmarks  WriterSideUp-Notebook&Mousepad  CreativityCkbk-Notebook&Mousepad



8 thoughts on “C.C. — LAUNCH PARTY with GIVEAWAYS is right around the corner! SEPT. 2014!

  1. Nice to see you at Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog. That was a fun contest, drawing the new Phyllis. I found out about it and had exactly 45 minutes to get something done. I hate not getting anything finished. The winner, Josie, is Erik’s little sister. When I first saw hers, I scrolled back up to the top to see if this was a “pro.” I was surprised but not as much as I normally would have bee, that it was Josie’s. This young kid is very good.

    Did you enter? I thought I had commented on all the entries. When you start doing this stuff you’ll be awesome. Hope you are feeling better. Glad to see you back, even if only for one blog. I miss you on mine. Get well quick. No one is giving me the opinion and comments that you did. XO


  2. I love that Creativity Cookbook Notebook. I’m so curious what that green magic powder is in the curiosity stripe! And a whole cup of inspiration? I knew I wasn’t putting in enough! Can’t wait for you to go live 🙂


    • Lauri, I can’t tell you how your tweet today made me feel like I’ll at least be doing this blog with good reason. It’s always so nice to be appreciated, regardless of on which level 😀 Thank you for that! Really looking forward to seeing you at the NJ Conference. Gonna give you a BIG hug and a little gift 😀


    • Juliet! lol All of a sudden I saw a comment pop up when I didn’t expect it 🙂 I was just trying something out with my boyfriend and had him doing test comments. Let me ask you…did you have to type in your name and email in order to comment? I’m trying to figure out how I want that to go once I launch (now that my submission is out, I’m really hoping I can finally get these blogs ready). I know I have to moderate all comments to keep things G-rated at all times, which is fine ’cause I’ll be reading all the comments anyway 🙂 But I want commenting to be easy for anyone following. I don’t want anyone to have to confirm a follow or have to do anything other than type the comment, click “follow up comments” if they want, and then post their comment so it’s easy and fast.


      • hello! I believe wordpress knew it was me already and I don’t remember doing anything other than typing my comment. Usually comments will be sent to you for approval before going live, if that’s what you have set. Once you approve then the comment is shown on blog for others to see. That’s how I have it set. It’s still pretty easy… hope that helps.


        • Yeah, I do get notified, but since it’s my blog, I’m not sure how it is on the other end according to my settings. I never plan to use anything like captcha, etc. and I don’t want people to get emails to confirm that they want to follow a thread. Stuff like that. Thanks, Juliet 🙂


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