BASEMENT BOP 14! — 26:55

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FLY AWAY by Lenny Kravitz

RUN TO YOU by Bryan Adams

ON THE DARK SIDE by Eddie and the Cruisers


SHAME by Evelyn Champagne King

FIREWORK by Katy Perry

HAPPY (TO READ) (BEA 2014 version) by Pharrell Williams

SEPTEMBER by Earth, Wind & Fire

2 thoughts on “BASEMENT BOP 14! — 26:55

  1. Another great collection. I particularly enjoyed the Happy (to read) video. It’s a lot of fun. Someone told me one day that she reads on the treadmill. I don’t have a treadmill, but I love listening to TED talks or audiobooks as I use my Wii Fit (when I use my Wii Fit!).

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  2. Thanks, Norah 🙂 There is some repetition, as I explained before I started posting these in order to link to them on my Playlists page, but there are many more with other completely different mixes. The songs I repeat are the ones that have a great beat and feel to them that really work with the Bops, at least for me.

    I’ll listen to the Let’s Get Busy! podcasts while I’m doing artwork, and I love TED talks, too. I’m glad you mentioned them ’cause I have a LOT to catch up on! lol You made me curious about a Wii Fit. I don’t have a Wii so know virtually nothing about that stuff!


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