C.C….and the Winners are…

GiveawaysWell, I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking the launch parties were a success on both sites! The party’s not over, though, until all the party favors are handed out 🙂 Of course, in this case they’re handed out to a randomly select few. I sincerely wish I could give them to ALL my party guests, but after shelling out quite a bit for the band, disco lights and fireworks…well, you get the picture 😉

With a whopping 6 giveaways—3 on each blog—I have to tell you, it was a bit unnerving using Rafflecopter for the first time. I was SO afraid of making an irreversible mistake! I’m happy to tell you that when all was said and done, I had a list of 6 lucky winners 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed notifying each of them and their responses pretty much lit up my inbox, too! How flattering! (Especially since I questioned their appeal lol)

GIVEAWAYS for BLOG launchesIt was a lot of fun at the post office yesterday, mailing…

…3 “Creativity Cookbook/                   Writer Side Up! Bookmarks to:            Lauri Christopher Meyers!

A Creativity Cookbook Mousepad to:            Lovie Howell!

and a Creativity Cookbook                              Notebook to:                                 Jenny Leigh Houlroyd!


Congratulations to all the Blog Launch WINNERS!

Thank you to EVERYone for joining me in the celebration. You made it really special, and I’m looking forward to spending time here with all of you 😀




7 thoughts on “C.C….and the Winners are…

    • Laura, thanks so much for stopping by! And, you know, I still don’t know how I didn’t find you at the Book Festival! I KNOW you were on the list, and I had you on MY list, and still, till the end of the day, I was discovering people I’d missed. I really wanted to meet you in person and buy a book! Where, under the tents, were you sitting?! lol


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