C.C.—TWO Winners and One of Them is ME!

A “heads up” for anyone following both blogs: this is a double post, so the contents are the same.

GiveawaysHello, everyone! I do hope this finds you all well on this Monday morning. Well, it’s morning here on the U.S. east coast, anyway 😉

With my last post I ran a little giveaway for 3 bookmarks. (I have plenty to give away so I’ll be doing it again, along with the occasional mousepad and notebook.) Just a few minutes ago Rafflecopter did its “thing” and I’m more than happy to announce the winner is none other than *drum roll, please*: Continue reading

C.C. — It’s all about FOCUS! Plus a Giveaway :)


Recently, on Leslie Zampetti’s blog, Rear in Gear, she posed a question about how to get kids to talk about what they’re reading. As I began typing my comment in response, it got me thinking about what’s at the core of the issue. My thoughts came full circle, ultimately encompassing what’s at the core of many “road blocks,” even for we adults. It’s all about focus and how we go about achieving that. Let’s start with the issue that sparked my thought process: Continue reading



As exciting as looking forward to the beginning of a new and promising life beyond the confines of high school can be, the preparation for it is also INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL AND NERVE-WRACKING!! The thought of trekking from campus to campus AND filling out all those applications—UGH!

Well, being the organizational freak I am, when my son was at this stage of his life, I was compelled to figure out the best and easiest way possible to go about the whole business of applying for college. Having never applied to college myself, this was very green landscape for me! It was decided that he would apply to all the colleges he had an interest in. There were 9 in total. Yes, I know—a lot (it wasn’t cheap), but that’s what we decided. We figured it would increase the chances of him having more of a selection since there was no way to know which ones would accept him. I’m very proud to say he was accepted by all of them*, though one was a “he can’t have his first choice of major” scenario, making that an easy, immediate elimination. That was fine with me ’cause it was Continue reading